Text 22 Dec 1 note Two Days Left(?)

I think I’m off on my counting

Yeah, Curly’s definitely gone. Oh well, I”m sure someone new and fascinating will soon move in to make us feel better.

Those dung beetles always kind of creeped me out….

I quite like that name, actually. I’m gonna get my friends to call me that…

Stupid thing didn’t grow….I’m so disappointed….

Hopefully this little guy will actually grow. I’ll be pretty mad if he doesn’t…..

Look! It’s our stoner friend, Pascal!

What a way to end the day. I’m so good at rhyming.

Video 21 Dec

Anchovy’s such a faker.

Text 20 Dec 1 note Three Days Left

Yeah, I’m still rushing to prepare for it. Definitely enjoying it as of right now…

Looking around town, everyone seems pretty fine and happy (naturally because I’m back in town).


Sigh. And yet another Toronto vet leaves us….

I was hoping no more of the original members of the town were going to move away, but…..oh well. Not even the holiday season can stop them.

I think someone has a crush….

I swear last I played he’d asked me to deliver something to her…….strange….

I decided to plant a cedar tree next to my house, since they have lights on them around this time. It’s as close to putting up Christmas lights as you can get in this game.

Let’s check in with our permanently sick friend, Anchovy…

Yeah, still delusional…

Don’t worry, I got him his medicine. (I’m so nice.)

Text 19 Dec Four Days Left

WOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! I came back just in time.

We have four days (not counting today) to prepare for Jingle’s visit. Before we begin, let’s look at what our neighbors have to say.

 (I swear, Anchovy’s had that cold for almost three months now….faker.)

Great to see I wasn’t forgotten about! There’s a lot to do, so let’s take a look at the town.

I swear, this is the only cedar tree in town……

All my beautiful flowers……gone……;’(

I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun cleaning and decorating the place up! Oddly enough, there were almost no weeds in town, even though I haven’t played in roughly a month. Maybe the gods have taken pity on me, and lessened my workload for the holiday season.

I managed to clean up and decorate my house today!

Step one of Holiday Festivities: Complete!



Text 23 Oct 7 notes My Town is Naked!

Huzzah! I return to you.

He’s the same as ever…


So I decided to take out all the paths I had before. Now, it looks a little more natural; perfect for Fall.

It looks pretty nice in some places….

I’ve had to leave some because it was a bit too bare in some places.

I should have time to play about three times a week, now, so maybe it won’t be so empty around here.

Text 1 Oct 1 note Wow

it’s been forever. Since school started, I haven’t had any time for Animal Crossing. Luckily, things seemed to have settled down, so now I can get back to playin’ and uploading fun pictures. Woohoo!

Text 30 Jul 28 notes Pottermore isn’t even up and we already broke it.


This is why we can’t have nice things.

Text 30 Jul "Don’t tell them, OK?"

Yippee another post!

I know, really…..

I love Chrissy

You know it!

That’s why you’re my bro, bro

You’d make a good housewife, though….or maybe a housekeeper?

Clowns… are CREEPY

I had no idea you could have two of these guys! Awesome

Is that supposed to be me? o_O

Avery likes eavesdropping on Sally and Daisy’s conversations

So apparently, after a delivery, villagers can mail you your reward? I didn’t know that….

Text 27 Jul 3 notes A day

First time I’ve ever seen her. D’aww

Poor Blathers

Improvements, at least

I’m trying to like Chrissy, but….

We ALL know what she means by that ;)

Went over to a friend’s town today

I’ve been needing this one for a loooong time


First time seeing Blanca, too!


Video 26 Jul 1 note

I’ve been busy. These are the big things that happened.

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